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There will never be another you. We are all carriers of risk.

How much of these risk would you want to sell?


We remain steadfast with our strategy in a volatile market.

With the litany of financial products in the market today, what is the most suitable one for you?

Financial Advice

Graduate Advisory Group provides you with ethical and competent financial advice from a team of qualified advisors.


We Remain Steadfast With Our Strategy In A Volatile Market.

With the litany of financial products in the market today, what is the most suitable one for you? Do you have the time to manage your own investments? Are you fearful of buying the wrong instrument?

Here at Graduate Advisory Group, we understand that these are legitimate concerns for the working professional. That is why we have various strategies to match your risk appetite and time horizon. Access a wide selection of unit trust funds from over more than 20 professional fund managers available on the Great Eastern FA platform.

We believe in a proper asset allocation approach, governed by principles of diversification and dollar cost averaging, to achieve sustainable returns over time. Backed by a fund development team within Great Eastern, we keep our clients abreast of the investment climate and economic changes.

With Graduate Advisory Group, we strongly believe that we need to manage the downside, and the upside will take care of itself. In this day and age, stability is what we value in the volatile market. Contact our financial consultant today for more information!


There Will Never Be Another You.

We are all carriers of risk. How much of these risk would you want to sell?

In Graduate Advisory Group, we ensure that the financial uncertainties in life are made certain, by recommending you insurance solutions which are tailored to your needs. We are advocates of a comprehensive portfolio, that ensures our clients are adequately covered in times of premature death, disabilities or even prolonged hefty medical bills.

Also, proper insurance planning would allow your heirs to receive the intended amount of your estate at the correct timing.

Financial Planning Process

A financial consultant helps you identify your personal and financial goals, needs, and priorities that are important to the scope of the engagement. We want to gather sufficient quantitative and qualitative information and documents to make sure we come up with the right plan for you.

After gathering some  essential information that are relevant to your finances, it’s time to start establishing  goals. A financial consultant will help you explore different paths to develop realistic and achievable goals. These goals can be broken into three— short-term, mid-term, & long term goals.

Subject to the scope of the engagement, the financial consultant analyzes your information to better understand your financial situation. Having a grasp of what your current financial situation looks like can help you understand how to achieve your objectives that’s suited on your needs and priorities.

After learning about your current financial situation, needs, and priorities, your financial  consultant will collaborate with you to develop a personalized financial plan that is tailored to your specific needs and will effortlessly take you toward your financial goals.

Your financial consultant will now help you choose the right services and products to implement your plan. This implementation will only  take effect once you and your financial consultant both agrees on the plan. As nothing in life stays the same, it important to review these plans and make adjustments as necessary to your unique situation.

You and your financial consultant can mutually agree on the terms of the future review and evaluation of your situation, including your financial objectives and stated personal goals, personal risk profile, lifestyle, and other relevant factors, and your progress toward achieving those goals.